Opened since July 31, 2009. The soil house was built mid of 2014.


Room rate

 Room  Friday - Saturday  Thai Holidays  Sunday - Thursday
 A. The 1st house has space on top roof
  2 Adults (+ 1 child)
2,500 Baht 3,000 Baht 2,000 Baht
 B. Soil house in the back
  2 Adults (+ 1 child)
1,200 Baht 1,500 Baht 1,000 Baht


Reservation Contact

Tel:    081-8427128 Mr. Surasak
Email :


Transfer to the following account
     - Siam Commercial Bank
     - Account No:  248-214627-0
     - Saving Account
     - Branch: Songprapa Branch


Free stuff with no extra charge provided:

·  Badminton Racket
·  VCD-DVD player (only the 1st house)

 3 outside fix plugs installed as follows:

- Back of the building for cooking.
- Mushroom pavilion next to the building.
- Top roof on 2nd Floor.

Total land space is 200 Sqms. with metal fence surrounded.  It is also good for camping activities at nighttime, surrounded by mountains from all directions, and ~ 40 meters away from Petchaburi river.

If you wish to cook at the resort, you can buy it at Macro Shopping Mall right before the U-turn.

If you want to have kitchen stuff such as movable barbecue stove, picnic gas, electric rice cooker, pant, knife, etc., 500 baht will be an extra charge.(but you have to clean them before leaving).